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best Ayurvedic Treatment for Height Increase

Top 5 Ways On Increasing Height And Growing Tall

A want for a good height is what affects our lifestyle decisions knowingly or unknowingly. Height increasing Ayurvedic products are also used by people with shorter height because they do not want to leave any point unturned which may help them increase their height. This does not mean there is something negative in consuming these. Moreover, Ayurvedic herbs for height increase are the best natural medication people can go through. No side effects and positive results can be seen on consuming them if they are consumed with all the proper guidelines suggested or given.

But, the point to be noted here is that there are various reasons because of which the height of a person depends upon and the most common reason we know is the genetic reason. We often say, she has inherited her short height from her grand mother or we say that boy has inherited a tall height from his dad. But, the truth is apart from the genetic reason the height of a person is dependent upon factors like the hormone growth. If there is a slow growth in the growth hormones, this results in a shorter height and vice-versa. There is this syndrome called the Turner Syndrome which also affects the height a person has.

Also, a tall height or short height have their own advantages and disadvantages but, the major part is played by our psychology.

Just like we think a fat person fails to have an attractive personality. But, this statement is a complete myth. It is not about the person being fat or thin. If a fat person maintains the way he or she carries himself, the personality of that person automatically enhances. The personality of a person is not based on their weight or height, rather it is based on the way they talk, meet people, do their work, carry themselves and a lot of other factors. So, it is wrong to characterize a good or a bad personality just by height or weight. We often listen people saying a good heighted person is much more ttractive as compared to a shorter one which is completely wrong.

How does our psychology plays a role in it?

We say taller people can be a threat to the shorter ones as they can dominate them, fight with them easily. People just by looking at taller people make a view point that he must be aggressive and may be a threat to the other people because of his height. But this is just a silly little point.

If we talk for the taller people the way as stated above then, being a short heighted person is considered negative. The reason being he cannot reach height or a taller person.  

They are considered to be non-dominating people which is a mere play of psychology.

The behavior or the nature of a person cannot be justified on the basis of their height. A short person can be a dominating one whereas a tall person can be a soft spoken and an adjustable one.

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The bodily challenges:

We see a tall person as a strong personality. But with a tall height, comes various demerits. It becomes difficult for taller body to adjust itself everywhere. In day to day life, a taller body faces problems like problem in sitting in small spaces like short desks, auto rickshaws etc.

Passing through small gates becomes difficult for them. Just because of their height they have to keep an eye and protect themselves from anywhere short they go from.

Moreover, a huge and a tall body requires more food plus they face a lot of skeletal problems.

Let us talk about the short height people. They enjoy a lot of advantages. They can easily fit into smaller spaces, they require less food. In difficult situations they have an upper hand on hiding themselves easily. 

Hunch back can be seen as a problem in people with tall height which short height people do not have in common. Though we wish for a not so short but a good height, one can always consult and purchase height gain Ayurvedic product.

A tall height means feeling protected

Our psychology says, having a tall person besides someone is the most protective feeling. One feels fearless with a taller person on side. This majorly happens on the couple side. Men are usually taller genetically as compared to women. A survey also says that as per the psychology of women, they prefer men taller to them just because of the fact that it gives them a feeling of extra love, care, protection and affection. This is the major reason why increasing height and growing tall is one of the major aim for men as compared to the women. But keeping a safe point in mind, it is said that shorter people are more safer and can come alive form the famines as compared to the taller ones. This is a perk of being short heighted!

Not only a long height is considered to be protected in case of couples but even in relations like parents and children. There is a sense of fearlessness with a taller person.

Good height means high on positive:

Another psychological aspect being added to the height of person is of being positive. Yes. When you do something wrong or when you are scolded in front of everyone, you do not like to show your face and you hide. On the other hand, when we do something good and everyone praises us in front of everyone we like to stand tall and move in front of everyone.

The same psychological game plan goes with human height too. People associate the same thought process as mentioned above with their height too.

Just to fight these psychological myths related to height people lower their morale and feel insecure. But there ways in which we can increase height. The best medication to be chosen is  Ayurvedic herbs for height increase. Apart from the medication the following ways can be used too.


Sun is the greatest source for Vitamin D. Though the sunlight is a good source but do you know all time sunlight is not the one your body must take. When the ultraviolet B rays is not very low, that is the time when you should go out for a walk or sit and consume the sunlight. This makes your bones stronger and healthier.


Some amount of physical workout is necessary for every human body. It does not only help to maintain your weight but it is a healthy habit for a good lifestyle.

There are various exercises which are prescribed to increase the length of your bones and thus which results in increasing your height.

Exercises like:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Hip Bridges
  • Leg stretches

There are stretches that help you elongate your spine. These must also be practiced. Exercises like skipping, push ups, setups, yoga, aerobics etc. shall also be included in your routine. But, a regularity must be present for the same. An irregular behavior will not solve your problem.


Whatever exercise you do or how so ever good lifestyle you follow, but if your food is not healthy, everything will not result and you will face a failure in whatever aim you have taken. 

A balanced and a healthy diet is a must. When you are aiming for height increase, foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin D shall be consumed. These help in stimulating your muscles and bones. Your food shall include items like milk, fruits, protein rich foods, carbohydrates, vegetables and nuts.

Long gaps in your meals are not suggested. You should eat at least 3-4 times a day but in small quantities. When you consume height gain Ayurvedic product, maintaining a healthy and a balanced diet is a must.


No one will ever think upon the fact that how important are the shoes you wear. Your shoes, its sole and the material is of utmost importance. Plus, you can have a chance to look taller. There are shoe lifts that appear in the market which are usually worn by celebrities or actors. But, for you to look tall, you can also use one. An artificial way to increase your height and look taller among the mass. You have this choice, so purchase one for you too.


To keep a straight posture is one common thing that has been advised by almost everyone’s parents in the childhood. But, we hardly took it seriously. But keeping a good posture is actually a serious affair. For our comfort we like to sit with a hunch back. This usually happens when we sit for long hours. What happens is, when we sit with our back in a slouching position, the spine bends. In some cases people observe gaps in their vertebrates. Sitting with a hunch back does not only restrict the growth of your height but also results in serious problems like slip disk. Once, you start sitting straight the overall posture starts improving. For increasing height and growing tall this is one point we all avoid.

People who study personality and psychology, also give an artificial way to look taller like the way you dress up. Just like when someone with a heavy body chooses sleek clothes, which makes her look broader; similarly if you do not choose the right pair of clothes for you, even if you are taller you may start looking shorter. Choose your clothing and accessories wisely so that you do not look short.Well, this is just a point for fashion sense but keeping in mind the problems people face from being short cannot be ignored.

Ayurveda has complete natural remedy which directly targets the major points due to which your height is not growing. In case of females a special syndrome called the Turner’s syndrome is seen. What happens in this syndrome? When in the female body one type of X chromosome is either fully missing or partially missing; this results in various defects in the female body. The defects that women face by the Turner’s syndrome are:

  • Heart problems
  • Ovaries do not develop
  • Short height 
  • Irregularity or early end to menstrual flow
  • Inability to conceive a child

Overall slow growth

Height increasing Ayurvedic products not only help you in increasing your height but they remove such obstacles like the Turner’s syndrome, hormonal imbalance problem etc. Choosing Ayurveda will always be a better choice because it is the only medication which is completely natural with no side-effects in the human body.

Once you start using Ayurvedic medicines for height increase you are just a step away only in case you follow the other precautions together.

Stop eating sugar, saturated fats, trans fats. The reason behind the same is that the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) gets severely affected by the food we eat. To trigger the best HGH, healthy eating and a healthy routine is always mandatory and shall stringently be followed. It is advised to adapt to a healthy lifestyle is that as we are running in the race and are trying to change ourselves in this ever dynamic environment, we forget the environment we are exposed to. Excessive chemicals, toxins and air pollution is what is actually affecting are body badly. Because of these, the regular cycle of our body is affected and we fail to adapt a proper lifestyle. It is not possible to eliminate the pollution we are surrounded with and therefore everyone keeps on saying and advising on a healthy diet. Special addition of eggs, soy products like soya milk, soybean, tofu, sprouts, banana, oatmeal. A lot of greens shall also be included like spinach, coleslaw, peas etc are very important source of proteins, vitamins and minerals to your body. 

At the end it is very important to keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of water which is required for a healthy body. Say no to drugs and caffeine.
Enjoy a happy and a healthy life.

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