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Divya Gall Bladder Kit

Divya Gall Bladder Kit

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Arthiritis, Joint pain

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Best ayurvedic medicine for Gall bladder stone treatment - पित्त की पथरी. This ayurvedic medicine for gallstones treatment, gallbladder stone symptoms, and gallstone removal - is concocted 100% ayurvedic ingredients and herbs. Our 100% Ayurvedic Gall bladder stone removal treatment works on eradicating the root cause of your gall bladder problem.

Gall bladder function - Gall bladder is an important organ that plays a valuable role in digestive system. It is situated under the liver. It produces bile that plays an important role in digestion of fat. Gall bladder stone symptoms or gallstones symptoms like gallbladder pain etc must not be ignored.

This Ayurvedic medicine for gall bladder stone treatment and gallstones symptoms treatment help break and remove gallstones - the ayurveda way. The medicines in this ayurvedic gallstone package are as follows:-

1. Divyastoni capsules (60)- It comprises of ingredients like pashanbhed, gokshur, kulthi that slowly breaks gall bladder stones and remove it.
2. Alokik Shakti tablet (60)- It increases digestive power, provides nutrition, Balances hormones and increases immunity of body.
3. MahaAmritamChurna (100gms)- It contains yastimadhu, nisoth etc. that improves digestion and symptoms of gall bladder stone.It Cleans GIT and removes toxins from the body.
4. Liver Yog Powder (100gms)- It contains ingredients harar, kutki, chiraita, giloy that are useful in all digestive system related problems and problems related to liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas.
5. GBS Powder (80gms)- It contains ingredients like patharchatt, safatikabhasma that breaks Gall bladder stone into small parts and reduce its size.
6. Stoneium drops 30ml (2)- It is a homeopathic preparation that reduces the size of stones and pain due to stones.
7. ParamShuddhi (6)- It helps in removal of small size of gall bladder stones that breaks due to use of GBS powder and Stoneium drops.
8. Sanjeevani Ark 51ml- It contains extracts of shuklatulsi, Krishna tulsi, ram tulsi that helps in boosting up of our immune system.
9. Divya Amrit Ras (30gms)- This is herbal tea made of 32 natural herbs. It helps in detoxification, improves digestive power and boost up immunity power.
Best ayurvedic medicine for gallbladder stones, gallstones. Aims at giving you ayurvedic treatment for gallstones and gall bladder problems . 100% ayurvedic. 100% Customer satisfaction. No Side-Effects, QAS Approved GMP, ISO Certified, WHO GMP, H.A.C.C.P. Certified, Fssai, Lakhs of satisfied customers
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