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Liver Failure treatment

Get liver Functioning back with Liver Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

Our body is surrounded by toxins. Whether it’s the body lotion we slather over our skin to stay hydrated, the water we drink, the food we eat and whether it’s the air we breathe or products we are surrounded with, we can’t escape the attack of toxins. They are there to stay! A healthy liver which is one of the largest organs in the body helps in getting rid of these toxins and poisons in the body. Besides dealing with the toxicity levels, it also stores energy and contributes to the proper digestion of food.

There are plenty of reasons for liver problems and a genetic predisposition is one of them. Other factors that can cause havoc in liver functioning is consuming alcohol and facing an attack of viruses. The liver also performs poorly if fatty foods are eaten regularly. It is extremely difficult to digest oily food and this kind of diet puts a load on the liver. This is the reason why obese people are exposed to the dangers of liver disease. Before the situation becomes serious and the liver function starts to fail totally avail the best Ayurvedic treatment for the liver and heal the organ naturally.

Liver failure is serious and it indicates that the liver is incapable of performing essential metabolic functions. As time passes and the liver weakens, the body gets extremely lethargic and unwell. The situation becomes life-threatening and the person in extreme cases may have to go for a liver transplant. Liver trouble shows up as:

1) Loss of appetite

2) The yellowness of skin or jaundice

3) Diarrhea

4) Eyeballs also become yellow

5) The upper right abdomen becomes tender to touch and often pains

6) Vomiting

7) Abdominal swelling

8) Malaise and unwell feeling all the time

9) Sleepiness and disorientation

10) Nausea

11) Excessive tiredness and exhaustion

12) Lack of drive

13) Light-colored stools

14) Dark urine

15) Mental confusion

16) Bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract

17) Swelling of hands and feet

18) Fluid retention or Oedema in abdomen/belly

If the liver develops extensive and worrisome scarring we call that condition as Liver cirrhosis. Liver Failure Treatment in Ayurveda is being recognized by one and many. Herbal extracts have the capability of saving the liver from total harm. The liver is the unique regenerative organ in the human body and it can replace damaged tissue by developing new cells.

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Even the heart and other organs in the body develop scarring after the tissue gets damaged but the liver has the capability of regenerating new cells. The injured cells can then be replaced by the newly redeveloped ones. Even a 60% damaged liver that is not functioning properly because of a medicine overdose can repair totally within a month’s time if it gets the congenial atmosphere to regenerate. This is an amazingly unique property that is not enjoyed by any other organ.

Liver complications can arise if the scarred tissue progressively keeps developing inside the liver or when the regeneration has stopped because of some factors or complications. It is difficult to save the liver if the person consumes alcohol or drugs regularly or if there is a virus attack on the body. Reversing the scarred tissue back to normal is not easy and in severe cases, this leads to liver cirrhosis. Ayurveda based Liver Failure Treatment can be extremely helpful here, so the moment the liver failure symptoms start to show up, go to the free Ayurvedic consultancy offered at Divya Upchar clinics.

If the liver function falls drastically without any prior history of liver trouble and the person deteriorates in a matter of a few days or weeks we call it an acute liver failure or fulminant hepatic failure. This condition is life-threatening and demands instant hospitalization. It is different from chronic liver failure because that develops over a period of time. Acute liver failure happens suddenly and can lead to huge pressure in the brain and cause excessive bleeding. You can reverse this condition with assistance from Ayurveda. Give it a try and march the road to health.

Liver Failure Treatment in Ayurveda

1) Prescription drugs:

To help diagnose the condition of the liver, the individual has to go through liver function tests/LFT and Magnetic resonance imaging. Alcohol, in general, should be avoided because it works negatively for the liver. For those who are totally dependent on alcohol, we need to understand that men and women are affected differently by drinking. Men have enzymes that can clear alcohol in a better manner due to good metabolism. The women have smaller dimensions, lesser fat, body size, and may not be able to metabolize more than two drinks easily. You need to get medical attention immediately if you sense any change in the person and start treatment instantly.

Doctors often recommend or prescribe taking medicines like steroids, antibiotics, anticonvulsants or anti-inflammatory medications. In some unfortunate persons, this may be the main cause of acute liver failure.

2) Herbal supplements:

Some herbal supplements and drugs lead to acute liver failure. People often start these on the insistence of an acquaintance and end up with serious liver or kidney complications.

3) Viral infections and Hepatitis can be the main reason for liver failure.

4) Acetaminophen may help reduce rising body temperatures, but if it is taken in more quantities than recommended it can lead to acute liver failure. Sometimes there are no signs evident but the liver damage has already begun. Wake up and take preventive steps right away.

5) Toxins: Toxins such as carbon tetrachloride are capable of rendering the liver functioning useless in no time. This is commonly found in varnish, wax polish, and refrigerants.

6) Shock is a result of infections such as sepsis. The body circulatory system gets affected in such a case and the blood flow to the liver is disturbed, this leads to liver failure.

7) Metabolic and venous diseases can lead to liver failure causing the body to succumb to various symptoms that are a result of failed liver functioning.

8) Cancer can cause the liver to stop working. These are life-threatening situations that can be treated in some cases.

The Divya Liver care kit from Divya Upchar clinics contain:

1) Divya Liv-DS capsule reduces inflammation, pain and keeps liver healthy.

2) Udar Vikar Janya Rog Churna helps in digestion and liver problems.

Appetite and immunity are enhanced with this powder.

3) Divya Jeevan Vati helps in lowering BP and improves the functioning of the liver.

4) Detoxifier Powder helps in detoxification, boosting metabolism and improving gastric function.

5) Amrit Ras helps improve metabolic activity and is ideal for rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul.

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