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Ayverdic Treatment for Liver Swelling

Improve liver Functioning with Ayurvedic Treatment for liver Swelling

Life runs smoothly when different organ systems in the body perform specified functions assigned to them. In the upper right side of the abdomen, lies an organ that is roughly in the shape of a football. Liver is one of the body’s largest organs and carries out a number of metabolic functions. One of the main functions the liver performs is processing nutrients for the body after digestion has taken place.

The liver generates proteins that along with Vitamin K help in clotting of blood. The fats in the body are metabolized and broken down to produce energy by the liver cells. If the damaged and old cells in the body are not removed from it they will keep collecting inside. The liver processes the blood that passes through it and breaks down these different substances for energy reasons.

The size, shape and sex of the person decide the liver size and this organ needs to stay healthy or else the whole body system starts to show the affects of liver problems. We need the best product for liver disease, so that we can live a normal life free of pain and suffering.  

The environment we live in contains toxins which enter the body increasing its toxicity levels. These poisonous substances in the body are not healthy and are the main reason for many diseases. They need to be thrown out and this is carried out by liver. Besides these liver also helps in:

Production of bile juice

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are metabolised by liver

Medicines etc in blood have to be metabolised by liver into simple substances so that they can be used by the body easily.

Activation of enzymes

Storage house of minerals, vitamins and glycogen

Excretion of cholesterol, medications, drugs, hormones and bilirubin
Blood purification


Synthesis of albumin and other plasma proteins

Clotting of blood

Sometimes the liver gets enlarged and becomes bigger in size and the state is termed as hepatomegaly. Normally the enlarged liver does not show any evident symptoms but when it is a result of another medical condition or liver disease and the person also suffers from yellow skin colour, yellow eyes, extreme exhaustion, pain in abdomen region, nausea, and vomits, then it’s time to get help or start ayurvedic treatment for liver swelling.

ayurvedic treatment for liver swelling

Watch out for symptoms such as:

Yellowing of skin and eyes are characteristic of this condition which is also termed as jaundice and needs to be treated by a qualified professional right away. Untreated jaundice can be a cause of death, get advice right now!

Acute exhaustion over a period of time

Swelling in the ankles, legs and abdomen

Pain in upper right side of abdomen

The urine colour becomes dark

Tar coloured, light coloured or pale stool

Itchy skin

Loss of appetite

Improper digestion of food

Dark sports under eyes

Smelly bad breath

Skin develops white spots in some cases



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Treat Your Liver naturally

Enlarged liver of liver swelling indicates that there is something wrong in the body; it may be a chronic liver condition, cancer or congestive heart failure. The condition needs to be evaluated and assessed by a professional and then treatment taken after it has been identification. Normally the enlargement of liver is due to:

Liver conditions:

Hepatitis infection

Adenoma or hemangioma which are non-malignant tumors in liver
Liver cysts or pockets in liver that contain fluids

Obstruction in bile duct or gall bladder.

Extra alcohol intake that leads to a fatty liver in the body.

Infectious mononucleosis

Iron deposits in the liver in alarming quantities, it causes a disease called hemachromatosis.

When the liver becomes storehouse of proteins or amyloidosis.
When the toxicity level in liver increase alarmingly.

Minerals like copper collect in the liver leading to a disorder termed as Wilson’s disease.

Accumulation of fatty deposits in liver or Gaucher’s disease.

Venous (blood vessel) and heart related indications:

If veins that take blood from the liver get blocked

The heart is contained inside a sac called pericardium and when this gets inflamed the condition is called pericarditis. The liver gets inflamed and swollen in such a state. 

Heart failure cause liver swelling.


Cancer can start from the liver or it may begin from some other organ in the body and affect the liver. Liver inflammation may be because of :

Liver cancer


Blood cancer or leukaemia

Symptoms of the liver condition vary in different diseases and the best thing is to get chronic liver disease treatment from nature and the goodness of herbal extracts. But this needs to be done after proper investigation.

Factors that increase chances of liver problems include:

Over dependency on medicines, supplements and vitamins such as Tylenol or acetaminophen can be dangerous. What will happen if the body is unable to metabolise the chemicals put in it in form of capsules and tablets? These over the counter medications if taken in high doses and if they lie in the liver can damage it beyond repair, so be careful.

Alcohol: Alcohol in small or large quantities can be very harmful for the body because it may or may not get metabolised properly. It can damage the liver and cause swelling and inflammation in stomach and liver region that can be very painful if left untreated.

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Excessively oily food or foods with high sugar content makes the liver slog and weight increase, so keep those taste buds under control, your liver is at stake here.

Hepatitis A, B, C

Infectious diseases that are a result of parasites, bacteria, virus or other pathogens can cause liver damage. 

To detoxify your liver the toxins need to be flushed out. A healthy weight is essential and the person needs to stay away from alcohol and nicotine. The diet should contain foods that are good for liver health. After a while try to go on a juice fast so that the liver can get a rest. Pure unadulterated water and lots of it are the best way to cleanse the liver of toxic wastes. Water is the best way to flush out the system. The colon can be cleansed with help of enemas or phylum husk. Be careful and take the corrective measures to heal the liver back to health, remember it is the only organ in the human body with the capability of regeneration.

Liver care package is a medicine for chronic and acute liver conditions can be treated with this ayurvedic medicine for liver swelling prepared by divyaupchar clinics. Toxic and other poisonous waste in the body can be treated with:

Pain controlling and anti-inflammatory Divya Liv-DS capsule also helps prevent infections in liver

The appetite improving Udar Vikar Janya Rog Churna helps boost immunity and controls problems in digestive tract, liver and urinary tract
Divya Jeevan Vati helps control liver functioning and blood pressure
Detoxifier powder helps detoxify body, improve gastric functioning, metabolism and respiration.

You also need to improve your metabolism, mind, body and soul in synch with the rejuvenating Amrit Ras 


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