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Harmone Imbalance Treatment

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment – Treat Your Pcod

Are you looking for the best treatment for hormonal imbalance? Are your hormones not in balance and you can see the changes in your body? Well, hormone imbalance can lead to various changes in one’s body.

Females may suffer from the higher discharge of male hormones or less discharge of female hormones. A hormonal imbalance can lead to acne, obesity, PCOD, PCOS, irregularity in periods, early periods, late menopause, etc. Therefore, it is advised to get your body checked properly and maintain a healthy body and life regime.

PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a problem seen in the females because of hormonal misbalance.

There are various symptoms of PCOD/PCOS which can be seen in the female body. The symptoms can be listed as under:

Heavy bleeding during the periods. Females who suffer from PCOD/PCOS have heavy bleeding problems and longer periods during their menstrual flow days.

There is the extra secretion of male hormones which causes the skin to become oily in the females and thus acnes are a prominent problem seen in the females.

Irregularity in the periods. It has been seen that women suffering from PCOD have lesser periods a year as compared to a normal female body. What exactly happens is that the ovary does not ovulate on time and prevents the uterus line from shedding down.

Obesity is the major effect the body of a female suffers from during PCOS. A body of the woman starts gaining weight.

You may see dark patches on your skin. Dark patches on your neckline, under your breasts, creases of black color on your abdominal area.

Headaches are a common problem in such cases.

What are the other effects a person may notice if PCOD/PCOS has become a part of their routine?

Infertility in women is the most common problem seen during this problem. The reason because the female body which does not ovulate regularly as compared to a fir female body, cannot release multiple eggs which reduces the chances of fertility.

Sleep apnea is one other problem which is seen in women who suffer from hormonal imbalance. Interruption in the sleep and breathing problem during the sleep are also seen as the common affects in the female body who suffers from PCOD/PCOS.

Hormonal changes in a human body can lead them to a phase of depression because of the bodily changes that person is undergoing.

Well, there are short term and long term complications on PCOD/PCOS. Thus, it is suggested to take hormonal imbalance treatment in Ayurveda to cure it naturally and from the root.

The long term complications include:

This may give rise to cardiovascular diseases like diabetes, hypertension. Diabetes because PCOD creates insulin resistance in the body.

Endometrial cancer is another long term cancer. A healthy diet and a regular workout can anyhow help you to cure this risk.

The best medicine for hormonal imbalance, which will help you bring a balance in your hormones, is hormone care package from divyaupchar which you can purchase from:

Ayurveda suggests that the best cure for preventing a female body from PCOD/PCOS is changing the pattern of your diet. Your diet should be as follows:

Avoid dairy product consumption especially milk. The reason these products increase insulin levels which result in acne or pimples.

The inclusion of more amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet will always help you in staying fit and healthier forever.

Saturated fats are responsible for increasing your cholesterol levels and add on to a lot of calories into your body. These fats include foods like meats like beef, pork lamb, etc. and these shall be avoided.

Add methi dana, flax seeds, cinnamon to your daily routine. These help in bringing regular periods and improve the balance of your hormones.

Delete sugar from your routine. Any sugar, be it jaggery too. Refined cereals like sooji, plain flour, etc should also be avoided.

You can add quinoa seeds, multigrain bread, porridge, etc. to your daily diet.

Muesli and oatmeal can also be added.

Apart from the daily diet, a 3o minute exercise is the best medication for curing any bodily disease.

Workout and stay fit!

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