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Types of Arthritis

Generally, the term arthritis connotes pain and inflammation of the joints – but, arthritis is a tad complex medical condition. The term arthritis comes from the Latin phrase, “arth” meaning joint and “itis” meaning inflammation.
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Combating Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic pain. But, arthritis pain relief is not as common. There are over one hundred diseases associated with arthritis, affecting areas in and around joints.
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Causes of Arthritis

With over 100 diseases associated with arthritis, there are many causes of arthritis. The most common cause is wear and tear of the joints.
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Arthritis Exercises

Arthritis pain can be alleviated in many ways. Arthritis causes stiffness and pain in the joints – arthritis exercises can help relieve the stiffness, which will help lessen the pain.
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Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes symptoms are similar to the symptoms of Type 1 (or childhood) Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes symptoms are, however, subtle and a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes is sometimes not made until other, more serious, illnesses have occurred.
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Type 2 Diabetes Causes

Type 2 Diabetes causes are related to genetics and lifestyle. In type 2 Diabetes, the risk is higher if you have family members who have been diagnosed with the disease. The actual Type 2 Diabetes cause is the body’s inability to make (Type 1) or use (Type 2) insulin, the hormone that turns sugars and carbohydrates to energy.
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Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

It does not always take a long time for the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. This type of diabetes can form in only a matter of weeks, so it is important that you know the symptoms that will alert you to the need of a checkup by your physician.
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Myths Related to Type 2 Diabetes Causes

There are many myths pertaining to diabetes – both the causes and the lifestyle changes that will need to be made once a person is diagnosed with diabetes. Here are a few Type 2 Diabetes causes that are myths:
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Indigestion Makes Your Suffer

Do you eat too much, too quickly or stressed? What do you feel after eating? Do you have a sense of fullness after eating even if you only have eaten a small amount of food?
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Natural Home Remedies for Acne

Blending one teaspoon of ground nutmeg with one teaspoon honey and applying it to the acne areas will reduce the scars.
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