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Ayurveda Treatment for Alcohol & Drugs 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Alcohol and Drugs

Nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, marijuana, are harmful substances that should not be consumed. Many times a casual acquaintance with illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or medications may force the person into unnecessary dependency and substance abuse.

This regular ingestion or inhalation results in “substance use disorder” which slowly ruins the daily working and general performance of the individual. He or she shoves aside logic refuses to recognize harmful effects and becomes totally dependent on the drug for intoxication and peace of mind. The behavior and person’s brain is affected with prolonged use of the drug.

It is extremely easy to get addicted to a substance because when someone constantly uses spurious substances like alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, it provides a euphoric “kick” and numbs the brain. The person feels an unnatural satisfaction and pleasure that is temporary. An alteration in behavior, brain and habits takes place. With regular use of drugs brain cells and body organs start getting damaged and they influence our brain, behavior and habits negatively.

We often feel that we are the controller of our actions but soon the “substance” takes over sensibilities. The sad bit is that you cannot part from substance abuse and it becomes impossible to live without a puff, sniff or drink. You are being transformed into a character that you are not. Stop this now! Search for Remedies for Drug Addiction or Ayurvedic treatment for alcohol to get rid of the intoxicating and addictive substances.

 Ayurveda Treatment for Alcohol & Drugs

What are the salient features of drug addiction and alcoholism? Are you facing any of these? Check them out:

Acute desire to fill the bloodstream with substance periodically.

Using the drug or alcohol to stop other thought processes- sometimes to block out troubling thoughts.

Increasing quantity of drug to get the same effect or same level of intoxication.

Always stocking and saving supply of alcohol or drug consumed.

Willing to go to any lengths to gather money for intoxicating substances

Running away from work or family responsibilities and obligations.

Stop attending social gatherings and meetings to indulge in drinking or drugging.

Stealing or indulging in any other socially disapproved behavior for obtaining drugs.

Indulging in risky activities, driving or running around under intoxication or influence of alcohol.

Spending an immense amount of time getting rid of alcohol effect and rotating the whole life around the substance.

Trying to give up the habit but resorting back to it again.

Having strong cravings and withdrawal symptoms whenever you try and abstain from the intoxicating substance. 

High inebriated feeling in which eyes become red and actions disoriented
Heart rate and blood pressure spike

Coordination falls and mouth becomes very dry and brackish

Memory, mental sharpness and concentration fall
Delayed reactions

Normally, drug addiction is a result of peer pressure or social interaction related recreational activities. People abuse drugs and it may just be an experimental tryst with prescribed medications handed over to a friend, colleague or relative which expose a person to intoxicating medications. Slowly and slowly, frequency and amount of drug consumed increases and it starts to influence overall health condition of the body. Opioid painkillers and other medications are very hooking and may need therapy to get a person off them. You can also take Ayurveda Treatment for Alcohol & Drugs so that you can treat your substance dependency in a natural manner with herbal extracts.

Ayverda Treatment For Alcohol & Drugs

One of the most common addictions is alcoholism that shows up as a desperate craving for alcohol to feel good and confident. As the amount of alcohol consumption increases, it becomes almost impossible to stay without it. With each sip of this brown colored liquid the person begins to take steps towards liver damage, Seizures, brain confusion, strokes, lung diseases, disturbed digestion and appetite, pancreatic and stomach cancer. Without realizing the organs get affected beyond repair.

Is anyone in your home consuming drugs? Can you find out about this?

Do not mistake normal teenage moody behavior for drugs. Study the pattern- is your child staying away from school or office frequently? Is there a fall in the normally above average school grades or office performance?

Is he or she shirking everyday hobbies and enjoyable activities? 

Drugs and alcohol cause a person to behave irrationally and irritatingly. 

Other symptoms that can show up include unexplained weight loss or gain, low on energy levels, losing motivation, red eyes, unexplained pains, sticking to the bed for long periods of time. 

Alcohol smells and even after consuming breath-covering tablets or sweets, there is a strange smell that can be detected. You can also smell smoke and alcohol from the clothes of the person. 

Laziness is also motivated with shabbiness and non groomed looks. The person wants to sit or lie down in one place uncaring of cleanliness and hygiene.

Demand for money and other expensive things increase without any reason for it. Money starts getting stolen or misplaced from the house.

The person abusing substances has a tendency of blocking out sermons of family members and thus hides and indulges in taking the intoxicating drug on the sly. He or she will end up secretive and try to stop the family members from looking around in his bedroom. Most of the time societal relationships become zero with course of time and only people with a similar addiction, thought process are permitted to interact freely.

Intense craving for this liquid in case it is withdrawn leads to further health complications. It is imperative to stop the alcohol in time with the help of a planned and organised treatment programme along with Ayurvedic Treatment for Alcoholism. With support from family, friends and colleagues you can definitely stop this addiction. Ayurveda can definitely help you get rid of this bad habit before it alters your decision making ability and thought processes.  

Why do people develop addictions?

Society pressure and Society acceptance

Addiction often travels down the family tree and is also said to have a genetic predisposition.

Inconsiderate parents who do not spend quality time with children

Emotionally abused or lonely people

Heart break or lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Peer pressure

Depending on substance consumption since early years

Running away from responsibilities and situations

Proving your worth to someone

Taking Ayurvedic medicines included in the Divya addiction free kit developed by Divyaupchar clinics can be very helpful in alcoholism and addiction. The brain systems alter with prolonged drug or alcohol usage, the drugging needs to be stopped. This kit contains churna or powder patches that can help in

Controlling drug usage of any kind when taken regularly. 

Metabolic activity is improved

Lethargy is treated and stamina, strength and energy are enhanced.

The heart is kept healthy and the memory cells are rejuvenated

Digestion and appetite become better and the oxidation stress of the body dramatically reduced.


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